It’s a great time to bring your home into the 21st century and take advantage of what home automation has to offer. Z-Wave hubs lead the way with many advancements that make it easier than ever to automate your home.
Improved voice control for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants, that help you take better care of yourself.

What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a wireless protocol used to allow smart home devices to communicate with a central hub or each other. Z-wave operates at 900MHz. This prevents interference from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi channels. Z-Wave is also optimized for reliability and performance, with data rates of up to 100kbs.

According to the Z-Wave Alliance, Z-Wave currently supports at least 1,300 different smart home products. Currently, there are over 2,400 Z-Wave products around the world. To learn more about Z-Wave and the Z-Wave Alliance, please visit:

What is Z-Wave Plus?

Z-Wave Plus certification identifies products that take advantage of the latest advances in this technology. Other names for Z-Wave Plus include: Z-Wave for Gen5, 5th Generation, or the 500 Series. Look for the Z-Wave Plus Logo to identify state-of-the-art smart home devices.

Exciting advances in Z-Wave Plus technology improves performance with extended capabilities that include:

  • Faster processors
  • Increased operating range
  • Mesh networking to eliminate dead spots
  • Over The Air (OTA) upgrading
  • Additional wireless channels
  • Extended battery life
  • Easier installation and setup
  • Improved device profiles
  • Better self-healing

Creation of your smart home has never been easier. Take control of home comfort, lighting, and security at the touch of a few buttons. Z-Wave Plus smart devices send you their status so you won’t wonder if you forgot to turn the oven off before you left.

To take full advantage of Z-Wave Plus technology, be sure to buy a Z-Wave Plus controller. If you purchased a Z-Wave hub, your Z-Wave Plus devices will fall back to Z-Wave compatibility.

What is a Smart Appliance?

Smart appliances are equipped with controls and sensors that allow you to program them through the hub. For example, a smart freezer will send you a text or email if it’s not staying cold enough.

Many popular brands, such as GE, Kohler, Kenmore, and others make Z-Wave compatible products. Just look for the Z-Wave logo on the product. If you see the Z-Wave logo, it’s compatible and will work with your Z-Wave hub.

How to Choose the Right Z-Wave Hub for your Home and Budget?

There are some important considerations when thinking about a Z-Wave hub for your smart home, including:

  • Smart appliances you already own
  • What you want to automate in your home
  • How much you plan to invest in home automation
  • Installation of your Z-Wave system

Smart Appliances – Do you have any smart appliances in your home, or do you plan to make smart appliance purchases in the near future? Take a few minutes and check your electronics (TVs, etc.) and kitchen appliances to start. You may be surprised at how many smart appliances you already own!

Smart appliances are equipped with controls and sensors that allow you to program it through the hub. For example, a smart freezer will send you a text or email if it’s not staying cold enough.

Home Automation – What do you plan to automate in your home? The most common home automations include:

  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Heating and Cooling

Other automation possibilities exist that include lawn irrigation, outdoor lighting, and entertainment systems.

Budget – How much do you plan to invest in your smart home? Think about the cost of installation plus any smart devices you need to buy.

Installation – Do you plan to hire a professional for installation, or are you planning to do all installation and setup of appliances yourself?

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